Whitcraft Services GS 001
The modern BMW GS is not unlike a magic carpet - almost telepathic in it’s manners. After so many generations of refinement, the chassis, motor, and suspension are nearly sublime. Yet, it is also the unique design of these components that also makes the bike heavy, unwieldy, and unable to express the classic looks and lines of the older airhead BMW's adored by all.

Sold, however currently accepting commissions, inquire below.



Whitcraft Services GP 002
‘It’s more fun fun to ride a slow motorcycle fast than to ride a fast motorcycle slow’

Gathering NOS and replica vintage racing parts from around the globe, this motorcycle attempts to create a real-world, AHRMA legal competitive example of a sub 200cc racing motorcycle for the vintage 200 Grand Prix classes.

Not for sale, however currently accepting commissions, inquire below.


003 UK

Coming in Fall 2018...stay tuned! 

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Images: Ryan Handt @motographia