Whitcraft Services was the name of my grandfathers bus garage - he was the consummate tinkerer - a stand-out childhood memory involved having grandad visit and immediately plant himself in our backyard garage, emerging a day later with several ‘reconfigured’ big wheels - he cut all my worn out big wheels in half, salvaging the still usable front ends and bolting them together with the usable rears - these were some seriously weird creations. My cousins and I (as well as my Dad, Aunt and Uncle) all kind of hung around the bus garage on family visits. Vacations were about making the trip to granddad’s and ‘helping’ in the garage - pestering everyone who was busy with repairing school buses. The first ‘motorbike’ I had was a Dutch moped my dad scored at the police auction in Cleveland for $26. We got it home and commenced in perpetually dis- and re-assembling it, riding it around the city with my friends - an awesome experience for a kid. I started building these motorcycles after riding for years but not wrenching much. After a serious breakdown on an older BMW GS, I just dug into bikes seriously and haven’t seen a reason to stop yet.

Davey Whitcraft